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November 19-21, 2021 / CROCUS EXPO   /  Pavilion 1


Post release of the 1st International exhibition Moscow Hobby Expo

16 March 2010


March 11-13, 2010

Crocus Expo IEC, Moscow
Pavilion 2, Exhibition hall 6

The 1st International exhibition Moscow Hobby Expo was successfully held March 11 through 13, 2010 in the Crocus Expo IEC.

A new exhibition project was initiated and organized by Crocus Expo IEC and NIKO, the first professional association of model makers.

Moscow Hobby Expo is devoted to a human passion for hobby. Modeling and related hobbies were the principal subject of the show.

The most precious exhibits, prize winners of international contests and competitions were exhibited at Moscow Hobby Expo! Rare copies of machinery and hardware which had become things of the past, the most precise miniatures by known pattern makers, operational models, breadboard models and many other things were also displayed at the exposition.

Moscow Hobby Expo united all modeling related segments and relevant sections:

  • railroads modeling;
  • ship modeling;
  • aircraft modeling;
  • vehicles modeling;
  • war gaming;
  • remote control models;
  • accessories for models and dioramas;
  • architectural models;
  • tools, devices and facilities, equipment, materials for modeling;
  • literature, manuals, master classes, films, competitions of models and many other things.

All-Russian bench contest of ship and vessel models was held during all days of the exhibition. The history of the Russian shipbuilding was exhibited to the interested audience, and the visitors could see among miniature replicas Christopher Columbus's well known flagship Santa Maria on which the glorified seafarer had discovered America and the grandfather of Russian fleet Peter the Greates boat (botik in Russian). The exposition also impressed by authors made ship and vessel models. Their creators genuine wizards and fantasts have presented to visitors unique models of piratical and fairy-tale vessels. Masterful handicraft of the smallest details has amazed even skilled seamen and experts of the judge panel.

Huge interest was caused by the exposition of bench model making which art constituent has been brightly presented by hand made operating dioramas and die casts. The adults and children were highly impressed by the exposition and the miniature copy of the Baden-Baden railway station caused genuine delight at the most sophisticated professionals and collectors.

Topical and saturated entertaining program organized by the Ships Modeling Sports Federation was admired by the visitors of Moscow Hobby Expo. For example the federation held one of rounds of ROSTO Cup in a specially arranged pool right on site. Races were organized in two groups: group and single. The participants were judged by a distinguished panel of judges of international category.

Car modeling fans yelled at the top of their voices supporting participants of Grand Prix of Russia on auto modeling sports. The track, on which miniature prototypes of racing cars struggled for victory, met European standards and the models which participated in races picked up speed up to 60 km/h!

Festival of submarines was held within the frames of the exhibition Moscow Hobby Expo and a unique tank parade organized by Tank Club of Moscow was held March 13, 2010 and attracted both the visitors and journalists.

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