International exhibition of creativity and hobbies Moscow Hobby Expo


  • Modeling world: car models (drift, off-road, trophy trial, electric buggies, monster trucks, trucks, highway cars, mini races, motors); aircraft models (trainers, large and aerobatic models, gliders, copies, parkflyers, slowflyers, helicopters, quadcopters); ship models (radio-controlled boats, yachts); tanks and model railways.
  • Amusement park: skateboards, scooters, bicycles, skates, mountaineering, rope park.
  • Playground: board games, escape rooms, virtual games, VR glasses and virtual reality helmets.
  • Creative space.
  • A world of unique things: crafts, painting and drawing, decoupage, decor and home accessories, educational toys, design things.
  • Technologies of the present and future: robotics or 3D printing, multicopters, interactive tables, electronic boards, digital technologies.
  • Intellectual country: learning foreign languages, reading and speed reading, crossword puzzles and crossword puzzles compiling, collecting, solving puzzles and putting together puzzles, intellectual games.
  • Outdoor recreation: fishing, gardening, landscaping, floristic.
  • Delicious hobby: cooking, carving.