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The charter of the Matrioshka contest to be held within the frames if the Moscow Hobby Expo has been posted

12 October 2022

The contests charter to be held within the frames if the Moscow Hobby Expo has been posted.

The final version of the contests charter was prepared taking into account questions and clarifications asked in the official community of the exhibition. The document sets out: general provisions; venue; dates and times; participants of the contest; registration of participants, acceptance and issuance of works; requirements for exhibition works; general principles of refereeing; evaluation criteria; a panel of judges and more.

Matrioshka is a contest of stand modeling and painting of military-historical and fantasy miniatures. The organizer is a widely known club Patriot from the city of Stupino near Moscow. Patriot has been organizing for 15 years already one of the most highly rated exhibitions on the topic of stand modeling, participating in the organization of many regional exhibitions. Club members volunteer at all kinds of events.

See you November 18 through 20, 2022 at Crocus Expo!