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Collection of unusual ARLI accessories at Moscow Hobby Expo

19 November 2021

At the Moscow Hobby Expo, One can see an unusual collection of male accessories ARLI, collected by Arkady Ligerman. In 2010 it was listed in the Book of Achievements and Records of Russia.

ArLi Accessories is a mix of Trendy, Nostalgia, and Culture in one shop. All the items are handmade.

In the mid-90s, Arkady Ligerman began collecting corporate accessories of companies and manufacturers of electric and hand tools: ties, clips, badges, buckles depicting tools or logos of companies. Very unusual exhibits appeared in the collection: unique ties in the form of an instrument, suspenders with an image of an instrument, cufflinks in the form of an instrument, men's rings and signet rings in the form of a nut, tie and much more.

In 2005 the collection was supplemented with cufflinks. The first, in the form of a saw and a hammer, were brought from England. Then forged cufflinks, cufflinks and clips were made from capa, from Muran glass, from python leather.

After that big items were entered into the collection. The most important exhibit since 2005 has been the world's only forged tie sculpture 120 cm high. In 2013 the master carved a tie sculpture 168 cm high from a whole piece of lime setting a new world record. New ties also appeared: a forged chain mail tie; a series of ties with caricatures; a tie made in hot enamel technique; hand-painted ties; an extraordinary leather carved tie combined with a butterfly; a series of "lion" ties.

Since 2015 the collection has been replenished with sets of nominal buttons for men's costumes: from jewelry (silver) to ceramic and wooden.

From 1999 and up to today  the collection has been being replenished with unique handmade products developed and made in a single copy. Among the exhibits are also items made using denim fabric: clothing, accessories, headdresses and even interior items.

See you at Crocus Expo November 19through 21, 2021!