International exhibition of creativity and hobbies Moscow Hobby Expo

November 19-21, 2021 / CROCUS EXPO   /  Pavilion 1


Mastermama group of skilled mothers with many children will held master classes at Moscow Hobby Expo

14 October 2021

Mastermama group of skilled mothers with many children will held master classes on various techniques of decorative creativity during all days of Moscow Hobby Expo.

Mastermama is a participant in numerous festivals: Flower Jam, Cheese Feast World, and the festival of International Russia-Hungary cooperation I Create the World. In addition, the group is actively engaged in charity projects (cooperation with orphanages and the Social Rehabilitation Center of the city of Istra in Glebovo-Izbishche).

The following master classes will be organized at Moscow Hobby Expo:

  • Sun horse. Children will learn to make a toy with their own hands without using needles, namely, to wind up from the natural threads a horse, the symbol of success.
  • Trinkets for backpacks or keys. Children themselves or with the help of their mothers will make their own author's key trinket with bobbles made from beads, accessories and yarn.
  • Bunny. Master class in the Slavic technique of making dolls from natural materials.
  • Natural leather bracelets. Children and adults will learn to work with leather and a riveting machine by making a gift with their own hands.
  • Lace making. A demonstration master class for children, from which they learn how in past times lace was made from cotton and flax threads.
  • Pin cushion Bird. Participants will make a personal pin cushion from patches of fabric which can also be used as a Christmas tree decoration.
  • Painting of angels and figurines made from semi-porcelain. One will have an opportunity to paint a partially made decorative figurine.
  • Doll from fiber made from plants phloem. Participants will make a toy in the Old Slavonic style.

See you at Crocus Expo November 19 through 21, 2021!