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Master classes on aircraft modeling from Malenkiy Samoliotik KB at Moscow Hobby Expo

11 October 2021

Malenkiy Samoliotik KB is a design bureau specializing in the development, design and production of flying children's aircraft models.

Since 2011, for 10 years already, the design bureau has been developing and producing aviation flying souvenirs. Aircraft models made of modern lightweight, flexible, durable material expanded polypropylene (EPP) - do not break or crumble like foam gliders. And most importantly, they fly perfectly even under the control of a three-year-old child.

The second direction of the design bureau is the holding of master classes, where children get acquainted with the basics of aerodynamics. They learn what parts of helicopters and airplanes are called, they first make paper, and then more complex models. And, of course, master classes do not do without competitions for the accuracy of flight of a model assembled with their own hands.

Yuri Rozhdestvin, chief designer of the Malenkiy Samoliotik KB, will hold master classes on folding paper and expanded polypropylene aircraft for children aged 3 to 12 years at the Moscow Hobby Expo exhibition. Also, the visitors will have an opportunity to attend open training of aircraft modelers.

See you at Crocus Expo November 19 through 21, 2021!