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November 19-21, 2021 / CROCUS EXPO   /  Pavilion 1


Embroidered painting from Fonduchoks Boutique

9 August 2021

Fonduchoks Boutique is a community of practicing craftswomen, working in partnership since 2010.

The community collects and summarizes the experience of contemporary cross stitch techniques; invents and tries new tools, devices and technologies; contributes to the development and production of cross stitch patterns; engaged in other types of crafts; and coming up with innovative approaches to their hobbies.

In the paintings of Fonduchoks Boutique, antiquity and modernity came together, because these are masterpieces of world painting, turned by modern methods into masterpieces of hand embroidery, and embroidered by modern masters in the old way of the counting cross.

Someone who knows how to embroider will be able to become the creator of such a masterpiece himself by buying an embroidery kit at Fonduchoks Boutique.

Fonduchoks Boutique offers its customers cross stitch embroidery kits. Our Kits include all necessary materials, and offer a number of new options for the convenient process. The main goal for us is to reach the maximum accuracy between the canvas painting and the embroidery .Patterns are made using exclusive computer program without further manual processing. To create high-quality patterns as alike to the source picturesque painting as possible, we do carefully edit the original image and at the same time we try to use the most advantageous opportunities embroidery

Anyone who does not know how to embroider can buy a ready-made embroidered painting from the Fonduchoks Boutique or order any design from the catalog, and the Fonduchoks Boutique masters will embroider it specifically for the customer.

Explore the catalogue at the companys online store.

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