International exhibition of creativity and hobbies Moscow Hobby Expo

November 18-20, 2022 / CROCUS EXPO   /  Pavilion 1, hall 4


We are all from childhood by origin

19 April 2013

The 4th International exhibition Moscow Hobby Expo 2013 was inaugurated April 19 in the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre.

The Gala Opening Ceremony of the trade fair took place at 12:00 p.m. in the first pavilion of the fairgrounds. Olga Larionova, Deputy Director Crocus Expo IEC, Vladimir Slyshkin, Vice-president of the Federation of Aircraft Modeling Sport of Russia, Vladimir Zhornik, Vice-chairman of the Federation of Ship Modeling Sports of Russia, Dmitry Malyshko, Senior Secretary of the Federation of Auto Modeling Sports of Russia, and Andrey Kovalev, Director of the exhibition, participated in the opening ceremony.

The following sections are presented to the audience in 2013:

- railroad modeling (all sizes!);
- ship modeling;
- aircraft modeling;
-vehicles modeling;
-war gaming;
-remotely controlled models of tanks;
-tools, devices and facilities, equipment, materials for modeling;
-electro cars and skates;
-architectural models;
-accessories for models and dioramas;
-table games;
-literature, manuals, master classes, films, competitions of models and many other things!

Moreover Moscow Hobby Expo has developed to incorporate presentation of exclusive radio-controlled models of cross-country vehicles and will demonstrate “driving” skills on 50 square meters of absolutely off road terrain (including swamps, stones, ruts, tunnels, hills and deep pools).

The exposition will feature international cars and aviamodelling competitions right on site in the exhibition hall, demonstration of ship models in a specially equipped pool, aircraft tests (planes, helicopters, slowflyers) on a pad, tank iBattle, meetings with authoritative collectors, master classes, seminars and special shows in various thematic sections of modelism, presentations of exhibitors, amazing tournaments and draws with valuable prizes.

Indoor Grand Prix of Russia in classes of radio-controlled electric SUVs (the largest race in the CIS countries!) will be held within the frames of Moscow Hobby Expo 2013. More than 150 participants, including the best sportsmen from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine will take part in the competition.

The exhibition will run two days more and thus everybody still has an opportunity to feel oneself a child regardless of actual age!

Press Service Crocus Expo IEC