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November 19-21, 2021 / CROCUS EXPO   /  Pavilion 1


Moscow Hobby Expo2012: lets have fun?

3 August 2011

The 3rd International specialized exhibition Moscow Hobby Expo will be held April 13 through 15, 2011 in Crocus Expo IEC.

One will have an opportunity to support participants at spectacular competitions of radio controlled vehicles (all-road vehicles, trucks, tanks and drift models), to admire breathtaking show flights of “tame” metal birds of steel (aircrafts, helicopters, quadrokopters and gliders) and to see unique collections of scale vessels, auto and aircraft models.

To cap it all the championship of radio controlled vehicles facilitated with internal combustion engines on a scale of one to eight will be for the first time (!) held in the fairgrounds territory.

Welcome to join us!

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